The making off the Top Chop Bug

Here's a step for step of the building of this bug for the owner himself.

This is the car on scale 1/1 and this is the modelcar i'm going to use for it.

The car on scale 1/1


And this is the modelcar i'm using. Bug on scale 1/18 from Burago.In metal.

 Jaaky smeets kever 001

What to do??

At first the top chop,but not a normal one?

Only at the front of the car.

Making the fenders wider.And make them also smooth without holes.

Making the lid at the front smooth.

Making the engine lid smooth.  

The doors have to be also remodelled because of the top chop.

Making the dashboard like it is on the real one.

Also the interior like the real one.

The right color on the car.

Making  wheels because they don't make them on scale. Or making them as clos as possible.

That's all for now, see you later this week for more progress on this one.



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Nice project! Good luck for the modifications :)

Gepost door: Deedlit | 09-12-08

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