Showing off with my RAT RACER!!!

Hey folks,

This weekend there was here in Belgium a meeting that's called VAG-Opel Day.

And look what Senone spotted  on a display with some modelcars.

What i've heard is that they put  some modelcars that they builded!!!!! on display so people can watch what they do.

And what you already knew is that i sold my RAT RACER at VAG FEST in the summer to a french speaking guy. And look where he's standing now???

At their display,what's going on here. You can buy some modelcars from me but you can NOT diplay them like you made them???

Here are some pictures that Senone has taken at the meeting.

I've put some arrows at the car you all will know by now.

The RAT RACER built by Hot Rod Bug and not built by the WANNEBEE's who are standing behind the table. If you asked them how the RAT RACER was made they don't know it because i only know what's on the car to give that look.

I also put a circle round the guy that buyed the RAT RACER.

And for more prove I also put some pictures from the build up from the car.

If somebody know these guy's please contact me!!!

Because i'm not building cars so that other people are showing off with them.

Here are the pictures:

here are some pictures from the build up.

golf 1 in kleur 005

 Here he is drying from his topcoat.

rat look bug op maquette met aangepaste velgen 041


And here first fitting with the wheels he had at first and if you look good you can see that's without interior.

Kopie van DSC_0133_8

And here he is standing last weekend at the meeting

And here are those Wannebees,and if you look at the picture i think they recognised Senone. Thanks man for taking these pictures for me!!!

Kopie van DSC_0135_7


If you have comments on this topic !!


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waaah nie mis dat

Gepost door: gsmke | 24-09-08

toffe wagentjes!

Gepost door: pasc | 24-09-08

I've seen it 2!!
My first reaction: "What the hell is Walters awesome Rat-styler doing on this fuckers table??"

Maybe you can see it in a positive way, it means you have great skills ;o)

Gepost door: wheelin75r | 24-09-08

Lame oooooo's! They can't do it so they gotta buy one from a real model REBUILDER and claim it as their own!!!!!

Gepost door: senone | 25-09-08

How is that possible! That's the kind of things I also don't like. If you come accross to see him again, don't hesitate to tell him your thoughts. World is small, who knows...

Gepost door: Deedlit | 25-09-08

Thanks guys for the comments except the 2 other ones who can not read English that's for sure!!!
And maybe i have to think it in a positive way. And think of my own that i have great skills.

Gepost door: HOT ROD BUG | 28-09-08

So what dude, no modeling recently?

Gepost door: Deedlit | 25-11-08

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