Vag Fest 2008

Yes,yes i'm still alive and kicking.

Here you can see our stand at Vag Fest.

vag fest 2008 244

At the left you can see Senone's Corner and on the right my side.

Here you can see some of my new modelcars that i made.

vag fest 2008 246

The Red Baron (Golf V scale 1/18)

vag fest 2008 247

vag fest 2008 249

Also new is this Custom style bus but this one is maybe going to get a new revamp for my buddy Senone.

Also new is this Rat Golf V on scale 1/18. But if somebody has a better one(because tere are so many pics taken from this one)send it to me.

vag fest 2008 275µ

And these ones are sold at the weekend.


vag fest 2008 248

 Kopie van vag fest 2008 276

And also sold and now lives at the french side of belgium. My Rat Racer


If somebody has some pics from my cars please let me know3.

Greetz HRB

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