My new bike.My first Electra.

yesterday went to look for a new bike that i found on Kapaza.

It's a Electra RS Rally Sport. And the price was almost nothing.

The bike is almost new.A little dust on it but it looks perfect.Pictures are taken when he just got home,so he isn't cleaned up yet.

I already was looking on the net to find something from this model.

The frame is the same as the Rat Rod.The only thing that is not on the bike is fenders because normal there are fenders on it with also the RS logo on it.

I also included some pictures from a white one it so you can see how it looks also.Mine is the black one. Like the red line on the tires!!!

But i like also on the white one the red spokes in the wheels.Damn why they didn't do that to mine.

Enjoy the pics.

Kopie van ietske Electra 007


Kopie van ietske Electra 009

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