Modelcars for sale.

All these cars are for sale.

I rebuilded them like i like them,but i always can make your car in model,mail me at fenderskirt.wil@gmail.com

See the pictures(prices are always under the picture.And sending or shipping is not included.


Slammed primer bus. Scale 1/18  Price: 70€


Rat Racer (my favorite). Scale 1/18 Price:150€


Callook Karmann Ghia Cabrio with 6 cil Porsche.Scale 1/18  Price :150€



German Style bug With All Porsche components(seats,engine,wheels,...) Scale 1/18 Price :160€

Kopie van !cid_000601c7493a$51342090$a743a551@Sels

Kopie van swapmeet_mol_20%20(web)
Rat bus with homemade Hurstbumper Scale 1/24 Price: 100€

For more info about these modelcars,don't be scared to contact me.

Also for making a modelcar from your car,contact me.

Greetz Hot Rod Bug

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