Some Modelkits for sale.

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bouwdozen for sale 021bouwdozen for sale 013
bouwdozen for sale 011
bouwdozen for sale 004
bouwdozen for sale 020

These are some kits for sale from myself.

I didn't put them in the for sale area but only here.
All prices are WITHOUT sending.
Here are the prices.
Everything is in scale 1/24.
Chevy SS10                     15€.
Dave Stricklers Bel Air      20€.
Toyota bB                         20€.
Wheel sets                        10€ for 1set.
Garage set  1/24                25€ SOLD
VW Pick up                      27€ SOLD
If you want to have something please contact me on my mail button.
First is first.
Also for shipping or sending contact me for prices.
If you come to the Modelmeeting on the 4th of November i can bring the boxes to there.
See Ya









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You've got a mail.................. ;)

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