Audi A8 Wheels on scale 1/24.

Yo folks,

Look what i've got from TR (my cousin's child who is also building modelcars).

Because i helped him with some wheels and some stuff he needed he gave me these wheels on scale 1/24.

The Audi A8 wheels are big in the Watercooled scene.And i really thanked him that i got these wheels from him.

I think that these wheels are going to be cult some day in the watercooled scene just like Porsche Fuchs are for the Aircooled scene.

So when the time is coming together you people can order them from me.Because i'm going to make a mould from them.And there is more to come.But that's for later.And yes Deedlit i know i have to send you those Sprintstar wheels from you.

Look at them.

Audi A6 velgskes 001


Audi A6 velgskes 003


They look nice don't they!!!!


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You already know that these rims will interest me dude, I also build water vw's and they will fit perfectly ;-)

Gepost door: Deedlit | 17-09-07

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