Put a new link to a blog .

Finally i have time to put a link to my cousin's son his blog.

His name is Torsten Regemortel and i think he is a great fan of me.

Because he also started with modelcars.

He's more in tuning cars and he's also a youngster so he can not buy stuff to make his cars like he wants them to be,but hey.He is doing modelcars and that's good to me.I was in the beginning also not so good but with a lot of practice and learning i become what i am 

And every day i'm learning something new.

So here is the link to his blog.

Check it out and make him happy because he haven't got manny hits yet.


I also put a link on the left side on my blog.

So people check it out and make him happy.

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DANKU bedankt walter echt bedankt nu begrijp ik warom ik ineens 15 hits erbij heb gekregen

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