My first wheels.

Been busy this week building a scale car for a costumer and molding my first wheels.They are on scale 1/18.

Take a look,not bad for my first attempt.

I'm going to make some new molds for more details but this one is also fine.

Here they are.

First is a Porsche Fuchs (old style,but not yet in 4.5 )

Eerste mallen. 055


Second one is what i call,the African Sprintstar .It's normally a american wheel but it looks like the African Sprintstar.

Eerste mallen. 054


Like i said they don't look perfect but for my first time i'm proud of it.

What do you folks think,let me know.

There is MORE to COME.And when everything is ok for me they also going into my 4 SALE AREA.


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