At BBT the day before the ride to BAD CAMBERG.

BBT 21.06.2007 014

We went to BBT for this special event,because that's how i call it.

From everywhere around the globe you saw people with there aircooled rides.And it was also nice to see people again from years ago.

Liked the barndoor busses a lot.And offcourse the private collection off Bob.

It's a small VW museum,that's for sure.

BBT 21.06.2007 001
BBT 21.06.2007 009
Slammed square,AWESOME.
BBT 21.06.2007 027
BBT 21.06.2007 015
BBT 21.06.2007 014
Like this army barndoor
BBT 21.06.2007 021
Think what can happen when you roll over to one side and you forgot to tighten the nuts on that side!!!!But anyway ,COOL ride. 
BBT 21.06.2007 029
BBT 21.06.2007 028
BBT 21.06.2007 031
BBT 21.06.2007 038
BBT 21.06.2007 039
MR. Flat 4 his ride(specially here for the 1st EBI)
And here are some pictures for you people of the car my buddy SENONE pinstriped for Bob.
A real Hebmuller(number 56),If you want to have something special,you just have to make something special and that's what this car is.
Like the car a lot,notice that the flip front is not fiber but the real metal.
Can't wait to see this one go drag racing.
BBT 21.06.2007 003
BBT 21.06.2007 004
BBT 21.06.2007 005
Check this car.
It's awesome.

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