My Radio Flyer Under Construction

I finally put my other wheels at the back of my radio flyer.

Looks better don't you think(gives him a cool look).

I had already put some tailpipes at the back and raised it.

Also a question for you all.Can anybody say from what company this Radio Flyer is??I name it Radio Flyer but i don't know if it's a real one.

Here it is

Radio Flyer back wheels 001
Radio Flyer back wheels 002
Radio Flyer back wheels 002

Radio Flyer back wheels 003

More to come on this one....

At the front also the same wheels and everything from the chassis in a new Flat Black color.And offcourse another color but i do not know what it's going to be.

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maybe some stripes?????

Gepost door: senone | 10-06-07

you are CRAZY

Gepost door: torstenregemortel | 11-06-07

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