My new toy,hehe

This weekend there was a flee market in my town.

And after passing this one i was thinking "you can make something of this".

So i asked what the price was and it was just 7€.

So i took it home.The wife was thinking what is he going to do with that.

Here it is.

Fietske 001
Fietske 002

I already pushed the handlebar more to the front but that was after these pictures.

If there is any progress on the bike you are going to see it.

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Hmmm, smells like a lowrider bike is in progress, would be cool to ride...

Gepost door: Deedlit | 07-06-07

It's going to be in this style,but also not.
Not a typical Lowrider that's for sure.
More a Hot Rod Rider,but in a special style.Mine.

Gepost door: Hot Rod Bug | 08-06-07

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