Nice one in Plopsaland Panne.

Today we went unplanned to Plopsaland in the Panne.We just said,it's going to be nice wheather so why don't we go to there.

And look what was new there.

I know that the serie "Spring" is into VW's because they already had a VW Bus in it and also my Oval was in there.

But look at this.

It's a Split Bus that they took and made a Ice Cream van of it.

It a real one.I took a look at the back(engine was gone but the gearbox was still there)They just welded at the side a piece of metal to it so you can not get hurt.

The little girl which is standing next to it is my daughter Jolien.

Here it is:

Kopie van plopsaland 2007 072
Kopie van plopsaland 2007 073


Looks good don't you think?


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